The Spirit and the Nature of the Spiritual Reality

Spiritual being

We identify ourselves as spiritualists but we need to start first defining what the spirit is, what his nature is and where exactly it is existing at. But more important is how can we prove or experience the spiritual phenomena in a confident way. For centuries -if not thousands- of years we had mediumship, that “strange” ability that some people possess to see, hear, feel etc., the spirits. I myself am a medium since I developed the ability to allow spirits to communicate with other people using my mind and body, and I knew many people -mostly good friends- with the ability to see the spirits including those “incorporated” in me. They were able to describe them with great detail, however, no matter what the state of harmony of these spirits was, or how many spirits were in the room at the same time, no one, besides the mediums, was able to see or detect them with their physical senses. Moreover, in many controlled tests with mediums nobody was ever able to detect the spirits with any physical detectors like cameras, recording devices, electromagnetic detectors, etc.

When you trust, accept as real and combine these two approaches (mediums seeing spirits that are not detected by physical means) you necessarily reach to the conclusion that spirits are real but they do not exist in the same reality of matter. In other words, spirits exist in some kind of paralleled dimension, one that exist in the same place as the material dimension but separated from one another. Of course, if spirits belong to a different reality or dimension then it is very likely that they are made of something different than matter, something proper of the spiritual reality, they are of spiritual nature.

With all these facts in mind we can now advance to the most important question, what is that “thing” we call “the spirit”? Based in all the experience collected through mediumship plus what we learnt from Near Death Experiences cases, verifiably cases of reincarnation in children (Dr. Stevenson’s casuistic), hypnotic regression to a past life, savants by accident, etc., we can conclude with great level of certainty that the so called spirit is no other but the person itself, the conscious and intelligent being manifested through the body. We are the spirits, the drivers of this avatar called the body, living a temporal experience of the physical life before being release (death or disincarnation) to continue existing as free spirits in the spiritual dimension.


Author: ISRSP

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